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Tree Stump Removal How To

Tackling a tree stump is no small feat. Depending on the tree type, it may have long roots that will have to be amputated with a saw, an ax, or a chainsaw to be able to dig it up. Added to this is its diameter which, if large, means that it will be very heavy to lift when it comes out of the ground. The second option, which consists of leaving it in place and activating its degradation, also depends on the nature of the wood. The harder ones will obviously take a lot longer to rot.

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Tree stump removal how toThe hard way

Regardless of the size of the stump, first, clear the soil around it with a pickaxe to sufficient area and depth to access the roots. Remove the soil located under the roots in order to be able to better maneuver the tool used to cut them (ax, saw, etc.).

  • If it is not too big, use a crowbar to extract it, leaning on a large stone as a lever arm.
  • A larger stump requires a manual hoist. In this case, make sure that its chain is properly hooked onto the stump (starting from the roots) and that the winch is anchored to a sturdy support. Handle it gently to prevent it from stalling.
  • There remains a huge strain. There, an excavator is essential, which implies perfect control of its handling. You also need space to be able to operate.


The rentals of stump trimmers or mechanical shovels remain expensive but most often essential to destroy or remove stubborn stumps. Count depending on the machine, between 150 to 300 dollars rental per day.


Tree stump removal how to Soft techniques

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When a trunk is cut almost flush with the ground, you can simply cover its stump with soil to hide it. But it is also possible to accelerate its decomposition without chemicals.

  • Drill a multitude of holes with a drill bit which, by regularly filling with rainwater, will promote rot.
  • Another solution for the same purpose: to hammer it with blows of an ax. 

Although it costs nothing, this technique requires a lot of patience. The idea is to deprive the stump of light so that it can rot on its own. By depriving it of these elementary elements, it will disappear. The worm and fungus will take care of the work for you. To do this, install a garbage bag or a tarpaulin on the plant. The process can take anywhere from 6 months to two years.

above ground pool tips and tricks


Finally, according to some old gardening tips, using a drill, dig holes 10 cm apart and 20 cm deep over the entire surface of the stump. Slide in the garlic cloves. Fill the holes with soil, preferably clay. Garlic has accelerating properties.

And, if you don’t have time

It is always possible to call on the services of an arborist, a pruner, or a landscaper. It comes at a cost, but these professional tree specialists are equipped for this kind of work, sometimes on a large scale.



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