Trim lawn edges before mowing

Trim lawn edges before mowing

Before mowing, first, trim the edges of the lawn. This can often only be done with special garden tools because the mower cannot drive over raised lawn edges. Manual work is still required here.

Equipment you need to trim the lawn edge

There are said to be gardeners who work the lawn edges with nail scissors. This is of course completely exaggerated. You can get lawn trimmers from specialist garden shops, which you can use to get the edges wonderfully clean:

  • lawn shears
  • grass trimmer
  • thread cutter
  • edge cutter
  • Possibly rake

Cordless garden tools make cutting work easier

All devices are available with an electric motor. Opt for rechargeable batteries so that you are not dependent on a power source or an electric cable when edging lawns.

Lawn trimmers and line cutters differ in that the trimmer is operated with knives, while the line cutter cuts through the grass with a taut, thin line.

With pruning shears, make sure that the blades are as long as possible and that they have an ergonomic handle. Ergonomic scissors put less strain on your hands and back, especially if you have to cut many meters of lawn edges.

Cutters with a telescopic handle prevent back pain

Choose your lawn edge trimming tools wisely. Above all, they should be equipped with an extendable handle or a telescopic rod.

As a result, you do not have to bend down when tending to the lawn, relieving your back.

Always wear gloves when cutting lawn edges to avoid blisters and calluses on your hands.

Cut lawn edges first

You should always cut the lawn edges with the lawnmower before mowing. This saves you having to rake up the lawn clippings. You can simply collect it in the grass collector of the lawnmower while mowing. You should not leave the edge cut lying around.

Create lawn edges with lawn edging stones

Cutting the lawn edges is easier if you border your lawn with a mowing edge made of stones or other materials.

Make the edge low enough that you can easily drive the mower over it when mowing. The edges then do not have to be trimmed additionally.


If your lawn is separated from beds or paths by an English lawn edge, i.e. a seamless transition, you will have to cut off the edges. This is the only way to get a clean lawn edge. Uncut lawn edges make the garden look unkempt.

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