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Violet Flower: Benefits and Virtues

The Violet Flower ( Viola odorata ) is a small, bushy plant with purple or white flowers, native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, which belongs to the Violaceae family. It is known for its medicinal properties and its many health benefits and virtues.

Violet Flower: benefits and virtues

Violet and its health benefits

  • The expectorant virtues of violet make it an ideal treatment for respiratory infections (colds or bronchitis). In infusion (50 g of flowers per liter of boiling water), violet calms irritation and relieves coughs.
  • Laxative and diuretic, violet treats mild constipation, even in young children.
  • Slightly sudorific, violet is recommended in case of fever outbreaks and flu symptoms.
  • Soothing, inhaled violet calms nervousness, reduces stress, and reduces insomnia.
  • Violet is also effective in cases of indigestion or food poisoning.
  • For external use, the leaves and roots of violet, crushed and used in the form of hot poultices, are effective against small woundscracks in the breast in case of difficult breastfeeding and bedsores.

Growing violet for its benefits

  • Your violets will do wonderfully in partial shade, preferably in rich, humus-rich, cool, and well-drained soil.
  • Rustic and easy to maintain, violets are not afraid of temperature drops.
  • You can grow them in pots without a problem, even in small planters, as they have short roots.

Violet Flower: benefits and virtues

Violet in cooking for its benefits

  • The young violet leaves are eaten raw or cooked, in salads, and when cooked they will thicken a soup or a broth because they are mucilaginous (they take on consistency in water).
  • Violet flowers decorate salads and are candied in sugar to give a well-known french treat. They also give a very fragrant flavor to cakes, syrups, honey, and vinegar, and you can also make jams and jellies.



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