Water lawn seed properly – avoid mistakes

Water lawn seed properly – avoid mistakes

Whether for playing soccer, as a sunbathing area, or simply a green oasis: a well-tended lawn decorates every garden. In order for the green area to be as beautiful as you hoped, you should carefully water the seeds as soon as they germinate – watering several times a day is of great importance, especially in dry phases.

Keep evenly moist during the germination phase

Lawn seed needs a lot of moisture to germinate reliably and is therefore extremely susceptible to drought in this sensitive first phase. Once the seeds dry out, they die and will not start to germinate again even after another watering – it is all the more important that the soil does not fall too dry and that the water supply is regular.

The sowing area should not only be superficially moist but also about three to four centimeters deep. You can check this by sticking your finger in the ground. Moist means that the substrate should feel like a sponge that has been squeezed out, but it must not be really wet: This, in turn, causes waterlogging and mold growth.

Laying the lawn the right way – this is how it works

The lawn seed is always watered in the course of sowing. On the other hand, it is not necessary to soak the seed in warm water or similar for several hours or days before sowing. In order for the emergence of the seeds to work properly, you should follow the following schedule:

  • Sow at a constant soil temperature of 8 to 10 °C (46-50 F)
  • the ideal time is autumn when the ground is still warm and increased precipitation can be used
  • If possible, do not sow the lawn in early spring, only again from about May
  • but then it has to be watered more since it is often very dry at this time
  • Put the lawn on well-drained soil, if necessary improve it with lime-free sand or similar
  • Loosen the soil deeply and then water thoroughly
  • It is best to use a lawn sprinkler or a watering can with a fine attachment for this
  • Moisture should penetrate the soil at least four inches deep
  • Apply lawn seed, distribute evenly with the rake
  • Do not cover seeds with soil as grasses need light to germinate
  • Keep the seedbed evenly moist for about three to five weeks after germination
  • water several times a day for about ten minutes during dry phases


Even if the first green tips are already showing: The greening lawn should still be kept evenly moist until the stalks have grown about ten centimeters high and have been mowed for the first time. After that, only water the lawn once or twice a week.

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