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Watering Gerberas – Instinct is Required!

Watering Gerberas – Instinct is Required!

Gerberas like it when the soil is always a bit moist. However, it must not be too wet either because the roots will rot. Water carefully and never let the soil dry out completely.

Water frequently in summer and little in winter.

In summer, the gerbera needs a lot of water, whether in the gardenbalcony, or the windowsill. In winter, in a cool location, on the other hand, it is sufficient to water the plant every two weeks at most.

Never water gerberas from above, only from below. You should pour off excess water from gerberas in the pot.

The gerbera appreciates high humidity. Therefore, spray the houseplant daily in summer with a little water from the spray bottle.


Gerbera in the pot should be placed slightly higher on the saucer. Then the irrigation water can drain off better and does not accumulate at the roots.

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