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What is the planting distance for clematis?

What is the planting distance for clematis?

Since clematis likes to be planted in small groups, the question of the ideal planting distance is always the focus of interest. In view of the wide variety of species and varieties, different dimensions can be considered.

I have compiled the values ​​for you for the most important clematis species:

  • Alpine clematis – Clematis alpina: 50 to 80 cm (20- 30 inches)
  • Italian clematis – Clematis viticella: 60 to 100 cm (23- 40 inches)
  • Mountain clematis – Clematis montana: 100 to 150 cm (40 – 58 inches)
  • Common clematis – Clematis vitalba: 200 to 400 cm  (78 – 155 inches)

The non-climbing perennial clematis (clematis hexapetala or clematis integrifolia) are planted at appropriate intervals depending on their function. If they serve as ground cover, for example, plant one plant per square meter of bed area. The same applies to the carpet clematis (Clematis x jouiniana).

If you like to cultivate clematis in a bucket, there is space for 2-3 specimens in a 50-liter container. Here the distance can be a little smaller at 30 to 35 centimeters (11 – 13 inches), since only the smaller hybrids are suitable for this purpose anyway.

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