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What Kind of Soil Should Be Used For Basil? – Tips

What Kind of Soil Should Be Used For Basil? -Tips

Unlike the vast majority of herb species, basil does not settle for poor soil. As a heavy feeder, the Mediterranean herbal plant is therefore exceptional, which must be taken into account when choosing the location. Basil develops its optimum in this soil:

  • nutrient-rich, humus-rich soil
  • fresh, moist and well-drained
  • a pH of 6.5 to 7.5

If you plant basil outside in the bed, the addition of mature compost, cattle manure, stable manure, and sand will help improve the soil. If there is any doubt about the pH value, a simple soil test from the garden center will provide information.

Herb soil unsuitable as a substrate

In the pot, classic herbal soil does not meet the requirements of basil due to its lean composition. If you don’t have access to nutritious garden soil, you can use compost-based potting soil. Supplements such as sand, perlite, coconut fibers, or expanded clay ensure the desired permeability.

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