What to do if the lawn sprinkler stops working?

What to do if the lawn sprinkler stops working?

Suddenly the lawn sprinkler stopped working. The pivoting part does not move, the water runs out, no more water flows through the nozzles. Unfortunately, most lawn sprinklers are not that easy to repair. Sometimes it helps to disassemble the sprinkler.

When the lawn sprinkler stops working

First of all, you should look for the causes. Often it’s just small things that affect the way the lawn sprinkler works. Possible causes:

  • Nozzles are clogged or calcified
  • Water pressure too low
  • supply line leaking
  • Swivel part defective
  • Small parts are worn out

Check that the water pressure is not too weak. Check whether the water hose is really tight.

Clogged nozzles

If the water comes out intermittently, the nozzles may be clogged. This often happens when you water your lawn with groundwater or pond water. Even with very hard water from the tap, the nozzles become clogged. The built-in rubber part that seals the nozzle head loosens more often.

You can repair the problem yourself by disassembling the nozzle head and cleaning the nozzles. Some sprinklers have a built-in sieve that catches dirt particles. This sieve must be cleaned regularly. The rubber seal can usually be reattached.

The swivel part no longer moves

Check if the settings on the side are correct. If something is not properly engaged here, the pivoting part is blocked.

After the winter break, it can happen that the pivoting part is rusted. A little fat helps to make it flexible again.

If you cannot find the cause, you may need to replace the pan head.

Disassemble the lawn sprinkler

The cause can often only be identified if you disassemble the lawn sprinkler. However, you should be careful when disassembling a Gardena lawn sprinkler. Improper repairs will void any manufacturer’s warranty.

For older devices, it’s worth taking a look at the manufacturer’s website or calling them directly. Sometimes solutions can be found together to fix the sprinkler.


No lawn sprinkler lasts forever. If you pay attention to high-quality workmanship when buying the lawn sprinkler, you will enjoy it for longer. Quality sprinklers are much more expensive, but replacement parts can usually be obtained.

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