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When Do Daffodils Bloom? Different from species to another

When Do Daffodils Bloom? Different from species to another

Standing alone or in clusters, bell-shaped or cup-shaped, bright yellow, orange or white – there are numerous types of daffodils. But when do the well-known daffodils bloom? Which species are early bloomers or late bloomers?

Daffodils bloom at Easter

Daffodils , which belong to the trumpet daffodils family, bloom at Easter, as their name suggests. This is usually the case between March and April. They bloom at the same time as many tulips, hyacinths, and other spring flowers. If they are grown in a pot or glass, they can bloom at home all year round.

Flowering time of other types of daffodils

There are early, medium, and late-flowering daffodils. If you want to enjoy the flowers of these plants for a long time, it is best to plant several species or varieties with different flowering times in the garden.

Here is a selection:

  • Early flowering (February to March): cyclamen daffodils z. B. ‘February Gold’, Split-crowned Daffodils
  • Medium-flowering (March to April): Jonquilla daffodils, trumpet daffodils, large-cupped daffodils, small-cupped daffodils
  • late blooming (April to May): Poet’s Daffodil, Tazette Daffodil, Angel’s Tear Daffodil

Tricks to prolong flowering

If you plant and care for the daffodils incorrectly and put them in the wrong place, don’t be surprised if the flowers don’t last long. Anyone who has considered everything when planting should take certain tricks to heart to extend the flowering period.

A month before flowering, daffodils are provided with fertilizer. As soon as the buds have opened, put the daffodils in a pot, glass, or vase in a cool place 10 to 15 °C (59-64F). Cut flowers in the vase should be re-cut every day. Daffodils in pots and beds are watered plentifully.


If the daffodils don’t flower, they may have been planted too late, or the bulb may have weakened

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