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When Do Lupine Bloom – Tips & Care

When Do Lupine Bloom - Tips & Care

Ornamental lupins that are kept in the garden or pot have a main flowering period. A second flowering period can be achieved if the bloomed inflorescences are always cut off immediately.

The main flowering period of the lupine

The first flowers open at the end of May, when the weather is quite warm and the sun shines frequently. Flowering continues into August.

If you constantly remove all faded parts, the lupine will often bloom a second time. With a bit of luck, new inflorescences will appear continuously until autumn.

In addition, by cutting, you prevent the seeds from ripening, which is poisonous in ornamental lupins.


The flowers of the lupine open from the bottom up. While the upper inflorescences are still closed, the lower ones can already turn brown. Pluck out these individual flowers to extend the flowering time of the individual flowers a little.

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