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When Does The Foxglove Bloom – Tips

When Does The Foxglove Bloom - Tips

Known to be poisonous, the foxglove has enchanting flowers that take the hearts of many gardeners by storm. Especially because of the flowers, this plant is often planted in gardens such as perennial gardens and cottage gardens. But when does it actually bloom?

period of flowering

Foxgloves usually flower between June and August. Its flowers, which are clustered together, appear in different sizes, patterns, and colors depending on the species. So they can be colored like this:

  • Red
  • purple
  • yellow
  • White

The trick for a second bloom

If you want to admire the flowers that appear in the foxglove’s second year of life a second time, you should cut off the withered flower stalks. In the following summer, inflorescences form again.


Even if the flowers seem innocent. They are poisonous, like all other parts of the foxglove. If you cut off the flowers for the vase, for example, you should wash your hands afterwards.

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