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When is the best time to plant clematis? Tips & Tricks

When is the best time to plant clematis? Tips & Tricks

Although clematis can be planted throughout the growing season, one window has emerged as the ideal planting time. You can find out here when you should ideally plant clematis.

Best planting time is in late summer

In order for a young clematis to root well at the site, the focus is not only on the quality of the soil but also on the soil temperatures. For clematis, the optimal range is between 14 and 22 degrees Celsius (57-71F).

This warmth is usually only reached after a sun-kissed summer. Therefore, the following window of time is considered perfect for planting clematis in the garden:

  • Plant clematis in August, September, or October
  • At the time of planting, there is neither drought nor permanent heat

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Choose a location with fresh, moist soil, rich in humus and without the risk of waterlogging. If the clematis is used for facade greening, an orientation to the southwest, west, or east is recommended. The clematis does not tolerate the blazing sun on a south wall.

Flexible planting time for clematis in tubs

Since the substrate in the planter warms up much more quickly when exposed to sunlight, there is nothing to be said against planting clematis in the bucket in spring. The days and weeks at the beginning of June are recommended here when the danger of delayed ground frosts has passed.


If you plant a majestic clematis Montana or another expansive clematis at the best time, the roots will immediately conquer the bed. With a root barrier, you prevent exhausting competition between neighboring plants right from the start.

For example, place the root ball in a sturdy bucket without a bottom in the ground or line the edges of the planting pit with a root barrier made of special geotextile.

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