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Why Is My Cat Losing Hair


If your Wondering why is my cat losing hair, don’t panic cause its not as scary as it might look like.

why is my cat losing hair

Depending on the course of the seasons, the cat’s hair is renewed, and particularly during major changes in temperature, especially during autumn and spring. It can therefore lose a lot of hair at these times and swallow a lot of it during Its perpetual licks. So watch out for hairballs!


Molting: when an animal leaves its summer coat to take on its thick winter fur. In the spring, the cat also sheds, but in the other direction of course! Cats living in apartments may have less marked molts, or even continuously throughout the year, due to fairly stable temperatures.
By licking itself the cat will swallow a large quantity of hair which, if not flushed, causes vomiting and gastric inflammation, or even intestinal obstruction.
Prevent hairballs by brushing your cat every day if it’s long-haired, at least once a week if it’s short-haired, and by feeding them a diet rich in fiber so that they can flush the furballs. There are treats specially formulated to prevent these furballs from forming, now is the time to spoil your kitty !!




Be careful, the grass can help the cat to vomit ingested hair but  it does not protect its stomach!


why is my cat losing hair


However, be careful of significant hair loss, especially outside of normal molting periods, this loss could indicate illness or great stress in the animal, consult your veterinarian quickly.





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